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Solutions through Collaboration: LICIN Indonesia, in Collaboration with Katon Indonesia, invites MSMEs to Exchange Used Cooking Oil with Logos and Packaging Designs

Salatiga, 11 September 2021- Together with Katon Indonesia, LICIN invites members of the MSMEs Cooperative in Tuntang, Salatiga, to become more environmentally aware.


In this event, LICIN explained the importance of protecting the environment by not disposing of used cooking oil carelessly. Used cooking oil produced by MSMEs can be collected and exchanged for logos and packaging designs to rebrand their products. The collected used cooking oil is then processed to be used as biodiesel fuel.

In addition, to further deepen the cooperation, the members of the MSME Cooperative can also exchange their used cooking oil for various household needs, such as instant noodles and frozen food products that can be consumed daily.


With this event, it is hoped that the collaboration between LICIN and the UMKM Cooperative Group in Tuntang and other cooperative groups in Central Java and Indonesia will continue to save the environment from pollution from used cooking oil.


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